Bubble Daisy London is a family-run company, built from the heart 

We create beautiful products, using quality fabrics and exclusive artwork. 
All our products are designed, printed and manufactured right here in the UK. So when you buy from us, you’re investing in a growing UK brand. 

UK brand products 

We have two exciting product lines, both featuring the work of talented UK artists. 
If your item is a present, we also offer a gift-wrapping service, using printed paper that matches your chosen fabric design. 

Boutique baby clothes 

Our boutique baby clothes are inspired by our large family and the many bundles of joy we’ve welcomed into the world. It includes baby leggings, rompers, blankets, wraps and towels. 

Home fabrics 

We design and manufacture a range of beautiful fabric items for the home, including printed tea towels, bathroom towels, cushion covers and cosmetic bags. 

The Bubble Daisy story 

2020 was a year no one expected or imagined. 
It was unique and challenging year in many ways. 
During these unprecedented times, an idea was formed. 
It was a tiny seed of a business idea, inspired by a large family — and a love of art, culture and Earth’s wild animals. 
With vision, spirit and determination, that idea grew into a business, with a trademark, a website and a range of beautifully designed products. 
Bubble Daisy London was formed. 
Today, Bubble Daisy London is committed to creating a better and more hopeful future. We’re giving opportunities to talented UK artists, who are creating exclusive artwork for our boutique baby clothes and home textiles. And we’re investing in UK manufacturing. 
We want our story to inspire others. To show that good things can emerge from difficult situations. And that tiny seeds can grow into big dreams. 

The Bubble Daisy name 

For many, blowing bubbles and making daisy chains are fond reminders of childhood. For us, they also have symbolic values, which inspire and influence our brand. 
The Bubble signifies relaxation, peace and good fortune. The Daisy symbolises love, loyalty, innocence and purity. Together, they give birth to new creativity and a greater awareness of our environment. 

Caring for our children’s future 

We believe the babies we’re clothing today deserve a childhood filled with wonder, and a bright, happy future. 
They deserve to grow up on a beautiful planet that’s alive with wonderful wildlife. And in a world that respects and celebrates different cultures. 
Bubble Daisy is investing in that future, as an ethical, culturally aware and environmentally conscious brand. 
Our UK-made products are created using eco-friendly printing and dye technology, that’s kinder to the environment. 
We avoid the use of plastics wherever possible. 
And we aim to create cultural and environmental awareness through our print designs, which include cultural references and endangered species. 
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